The information provided by the client is necessary for the processing and delivery of orders.
BVBA NANEX COMPANY undertakes to comply with the Belgian legislation on the protection of personal data. The relevant legislation can be consulted on the Privacy Commission website: www.privacycommission.be.

The personal data provided is stored in BVBA NANEX COMPANY’s information system. The collected data is stored for a period of 180 days after which the data is archived.  It undertakes to use this information solely for the purpose of implementing the agreements. This information can also be used to inform the client with regards to its marketing and activities. If you do not wish to receive any emails from BVBA NANEX COMPANY in the future, please report this by sending an email to contact@nanexcompany.com.

The customer may consult, correct or amend his personal information by sending an email to BVBA NANEX COMPANY on the following email address: contact@nanexcompany.com. Under no circumstances may this personal information be transferred to third parties.

For any questions or issues concerning our privacy policy, please contact BVBA NANEX COMPANY at the following email address: contact@nanexcompany.com.
You can always file a complaint with the Privacy Commission for the Protection of Personal Privacy,  being The Privacy Committee, if you believe that the data is incorrectly processed.

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