Leather & Textile

  • Universal protection spray for all natural leathers and textiles
  • Water repellent, no more stains, easy to clean
  • Only one spray keeps them clean up to 6 months


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Stain repellent

Nanex protection prevents dirt from penetrating the fibres. Remaining dirt will be easier to remove with minimal use of detergent. The fibres of the fabric are protected and the material will remain unharmed.

Water repellent

Nanex protects the fibres against water and prevents the appearance of stains and rings on the fabric. Materials such as leather and textile are prevented from expanding or swelling.

Transparent & breathable

Nanex spray respects the look and feel of your product. Texture, colour and other characteristics of the fabric will not change after applying the spray. The fabric maintains its ability to breathe, because the Nanex technology protects every fibre individually.

How it works:

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