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Our mission

As an alternative to fast fashion, Nanex is putting out the message: buy quality and take good care of it.

We want to offer innovative solutions for taking better care of clothes & shoes. Together with our products we want to introduce a sustainable mindset by sharing the benefits for people and the environment.

As a positive impact brand, we want to start a movement that benefits our society and our planet’s climate as much as possible.

The challenge we now face!

Due to fast fashion and the throw-away society, people are choosing low quality clothes & shoes that quickly become textile waste. Furthermore most people are unaware that frequent washing also causes chemical pollution and releases microplastics into our oceans.

Textile waste
textile waste
Chemical pollution
chemical pollution

Looking at the effects of washing we see:

Disadvantages for you
Disadvantages for the environment

What actions can you take for a more sustainable fashion industry?

Choosing quality items and adjusting our washing behaviour are the most valuable actions we can take as consumers right now. So let’s do it !

By washing less and protecting your clothes, you will enjoy your favourite fashion items for longer and reduce your ecological footprint. You will also help slow down the growth of the textile waste mountain. Help us to build a better future and join our mission.

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Be a game changer

Join in! Take a photo or make a video, reel or TikTok showing how you treat one of your favourite items with our products. Share this message with #icare4fashion, make a statement and help us make more people aware of sustainable fashion items. Were all in this together!