Nanex care spray cherish

Our Mission

Care. Spray. Cherish.

In a world full of disposables, we want to inspire you to protect and preserve the shoes and accessories you love so much.

With a little help from Nanex, you will be able to enjoy your favourite items with peace of mind, for a longer time. Your valuable pieces will have a longer lifespan and require less invasive cleaning.

While you enjoy your favourite pair to the fullest, we are contributing to a more sustainable community.

Your most valuable purchases deserve a high level of protection

Nanex allows you to enjoy your favourite shoes and handbags for as long as possible, without having to clean them on a weekly basis.

With its efficient and long-lasting protective properties, our spray will take care of your belongings for you.

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All that’s left for you to do, is enjoy your most precious pieces as often and as long as you can. Your favourite shoes get a longer lifespan and you can wear them to your heart’s content.

From now on you have the liberty to wear whichever pair in your shoe closet you love the most. However bad the weather conditions may be, they will no longer keep you from walking out the door wearing those pearly white sneakers or that suede handbag.

Nanex protection makes every purchase slightly more
conscious and sustainable. Because the longer you get to wear your favourite items, the less stuff is bound to end up on the waste mountain.