Leder & Textiel 300 ML


Leather & Textile 300 ML
up to 8 pairs of shoes
Up to 6 months protection against dirt and liquids
Suitable for: leather, textile, nubuck, suede, velvet & satin.
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NanexΒ β™₯ your shoes and bags!

The spray protects your items, old or new, up to 6 months against dirt, stains and moisture. More importantly, Nanex Leather & Textile keeps your ‘most favourite’ items new for longer.

How to use Nanex?
1. Spray your item evenly on a pure and clean surface.
(distance leather = 30cm, textile = 10cm)
2. Wait until your shoe or bag is fully dry.
After 24 hours, you can be assured of the most optimal operation of the product.
3. You can wear your new shoes knowing every fibre is now protected.

How does it work?
Because Nanex binds to each fibre, dirt, stains and liquids can no longer penetrate into the heart of your beloved items. Because our protection is completely transparent it does not change the soft feel of suede or the luxurious look of leather. Our product allows your fabrics and leather to breathe for extra happy feet.

No more stains:
No more spots? Well, yes and no. Leave dirt on the fabric long enough and a stain will be inevitable.
However, stains do not penetrate into the fiber. This way you can remove a stain more easily with a damp cloth.
Wiping is the secret here!*

Liquids are disposed of.
β€’ Water, coffee, wine…
β€’ Ketchup, mayonnaise, syrup,…
β€’ Olive oil, egg white/egg yolk, jam,…

Active stain protection:
β€’ 3 months for natural textiles.β€’ 3 β†’ 6 months for Leather, suede, nubuck, buckskin.
* More information about types of stains, protection on different materials and durations, please visit our FAQ page.



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